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We supply both GENUINE and REPLACEMENT spare parts for Trucks, Tractors, Cranes and equipment that service the construction, Mining, Logging, Agricultural, Industrial, Marine and Automotive industries worldwide.

J.R. Bisho Company Emergency Vehicle Lines

Emergency and Auxiliary Lighting Products
Bonar Plastics
Fuel Tanks, Fenders, Roofs and other External and Internal Trim Components
GFG Dynamation
Measurement Systems and Instruments
Portable and Permanent Mounted Remote Controlled Spotlights
Eye Protection Products
Koehler - Bright Star
Leaders in Industrial Lighting Technology
Premier Hazard
Vehicle Warning Systems

Warning Systems and Accessories

Strobe and Neon Warning Light Systems, Light Bars, Sirens, and Speakers

Strobe lights, strobe power supplies, and NEOBE® lightbars

Emergency Vehicle and Auxiliary Lighting Products
Whelen Engineering company,inc
Strobe, LED, Halogen Warning, Public Warning and Aviation Lighting

We welcome your inquiries for these and related items and we will quote the same day via email or fax.

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J.R. Bisho Co., Inc.
582 Market St., Suite 1905
San Francisco, CA 94104

Telephone: 415-397-0767
Fax:          415-397-0835
Email: bisho@bisho.com